Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Special: Loan Level Details for $53 Billion in GSE CY 2010 Hispanic Loans.

From the GSE CY 2010 MS Access databases I previously created with by fellow retired former HUD Oregon Field Office Director Roberta Ando, I have created a new Excel workbook. 

It has loan level details for more than 253,000+ loans to Hispanic borrowers OR co-borrowers that were purchased by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (aka "The GSE's) during CY 2010. (Shameless blog promotion: I am sure you will not find this anywhere else):

That Excel workbook is posted in a Spider Oak web folder with all the other [large] Excel GSE CY 2010 files I created.

Included are the following 8 worksheets
  1. OR Hispanic Summary 2010 (Summary at the County Level).
  2. OR Hispanic Pivot 2010 (Default view is county, by income grouping).
  3. OR Hispanic 2010 Data.(Used for Pivot)
  4. US Hispanic Summary 2010 (State level summary, includes separate First Time home buyer state summary).
  5. US Hispanic Pivot Table 2010 (Default view is count of all Hispanic loans by state).
  6. US Hispanic Data 2010. (Used for Pivot).
  7. Lookups (for selected fields).
  8. Field Listing and Link to Data Dictionary for all fields.

How to Download Excel GSE Workbooks: 
Go to the GSE CY 2010 Excel Files  link in the right pane of my blog and within the folder look for GSE Loans Excel Workbook 5 All Hispanic GSE 2010 Loans.This is a large 100 MB file, so don't download it unless you plan on using it....
The initial view of this folder/web page will allow you to click on the “download” radio button to the right to download both databases and a “READ ME” files as a compressed  zip file [ I DO NOT recommend this method as I encounter errors in the size of the downloaded file and in trying to open the file].
INSTEAD I recommend that you 

A. Left click on the folder name on the left side of the page  to open the folder and look for the file name that is of interest to you [I would select the READ ME file first].  For Hispanic data look for GSE Loans Excel Workbook 5 All Hispanic GSE 2010 Loans
B. Then on the right side of the web page, left click the “download” radio button for each file to download that file in an uncompressed format. After downloading the file(s), navigate to the directory where you downloaded the file and double click the file to open.

Note: Tables from  worksheet 4 above have also been added as Tables 11 and 12 in the PDF file , Picture of GSE Assisted Households, CY 2010 in the right pane. 

US GSE Loans to Hispanic Borrowers or Co-Borrowers
  1. There were nearly $5.9 billion in loans made to 29,000+ first time home buyers.
  2. There were nearly $53 Billion in loans made to 253,000+ homeowners/home buyers.

Oregon GSE Loans to Hispanic Borrowers or Co-Borrowers
  1. There were $37.8 million loans made to 194 first time borrowers.
  2. There were more than $513 million in total loans made to nearly 2,673 homeowners/home buyers.
More Analysis?
  • You can make comparisons of Hispanic Loans to all loans at state levels by looking at Table 1 (page 2) in the Picture of GSE Assisted Households CY 2010 PDF file previously posted HERE
  • For Oregon comparisons, you can compare loan level data down to the Census Tract level using the previously posted GSE Loans Excel Workbook 1 All Oregon GSE Loans loans posted within the folder HERE]. 
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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