Saturday, May 5, 2012

Test Embed of Excel File in the Cloud: GSE CY 2010 Oregon Hispanic Loans by County.

I am pasting below one of the worksheets from the GSE Excel workbook that I posted yesterday.  This worksheet shows GSE Hispanic loans in Oregon for CY 2010, by county and by loan purpose. 

The embed is from file I have posted to MS cloud service (Windows Live SkyDrive).

In addition to being able to view the Excel file in this post in your browser
  • You can use the scroll bars to see columns/rows not initially visible. 
  • Also note that at the very bottom of the embed you also have the option to download the actual Excel file with this worksheet or to open it full size in your browser. 

Being able to view/download Excel files in their original formats within a blog post/browser is a clear demonstration of how "the cloud" can be creatively integrated with our current desktop applications. Being able to "Save As" a file into the cloud should reduce the need to send files as email attachments and expand the ability to share and collaborate with others.

Note: A direct link to this file is HERE

I am still very much in a learning curve in using this new capability; would appreciate any feedback on your experience in viewing and downloading this Excel file.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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