Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FHFA Data Shows HARP Refinances Above 105% LTV Are Increasing; Oregon and All State Data Available in Excel.

FHFA PR is HERE. From the PR I have constructed an Excel workbook in my public Excel SkyDrive that shows refinance and HARP activity by state, with a detailed breakout of Oregon data.  

Direct link to the Excel file is HERE and it is embedded below. (Worksheet with detailed Oregon data displayed by default; data for all states and link to data source are included in other worksheets in the workbook).

Some Oregon Observations
  1. The percent of HARP loans that went to borrowers at LTV 105% and above was 28% in March compared to 10% since the start of HARP in April of 2009.
  2. In March there were 515 HARP refinances with LTV above 105%; that is nearly half of the 1,044 HARP refinances with LTV above 105% so far this year and more than 1/6th of ALL HARP refinances above 105% since the inception of the program in April 2009.
  3. Total FHFA refinances in March were 8,133; there were 19,252 FHFA refinances so far this year

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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