Sunday, June 24, 2012

A First: US (2.1M) and Oregon (32K) HUD Voucher Data for All Months, CY 2009, CY 2010, and CY 2011.

I have posted to my SkyDrive an Excel workbook that contains all HUD Voucher Management System data for all months in CY 2009, CY 2010, and CY 2011. VMS data include counts of vouchers , including some program breakouts [VASH, Home Ownership etc], along with $$. Data is aggregated to the housing authority level, so no lower geographic breakout is possible.

This is the only multiple year HUD voucher data for the US that I have seen anywhere on the web.  

The workbook contains an important READ ME tab, and pivot tables for both the US and for Oregon, along with the raw data for Oregon and the US. The READ ME tab shows a listing of all data fields. 

The US data worksheet includes both a state field AND a HUD region field that I added, allowing aggregation to those geographic levels via the pivot tables.

You should be able to download this Excel workbook from my Public Excel SkyDrive HERE (File is too big to view in your browser, so it also can't be embedded in this post). [Let me know if you run into any problems, you WILL require Excel 97 or later to edit, and, in advance, I cannot provide in an earlier Excel format because of formulas used). 

I have uploaded the same file to other webspace HERE in case the SkyDrive upload doesn't work for you.

The HUD site with VMS data and reference material is HERE

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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