Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lake Oswego Affordable Housing Related Meeting Dates Keep Slipping.

Housing Comp Plan Changes
The Planning Commission was supposed to review Citizen Advisory Committee housing comp plan recommendations on June 25th, but the agenda for that meeting no longer includes housing comp plan policies as an agenda item. The next scheduled date for the Planning Commission is July 9th. 

There is still not posted for public review a final version of the May 23, 2012 CAC approved housing comp plan recommendations, or a revision to the draft May 2011 Housing Needs Analysis (My Feb 2012 doc HERE pointed out a number of significant problems with the May 2011 Draft CNA). 

The next CAC meeting is scheduled for June 27th (Materials for that meeting are now promised by June 22nd).

The Foothills Citizen Advisory Committee meetings for June 7th and then June 14th were cancelled, and the Foothills CAC meeting is now scheduled for June 21st.  

The June 14th Foothills Oversight Committee meeting previously scheduled for June 7th and June 14th has yet to be rescheduled. 

The Lake Oswego City Council meeting on the revised Foothills Framework Plan is now scheduled for July 10th.

The revised Foothills Framework Plan has yet to be posted for public review. (The prior version, without appendices, was close to 200 pages).

The LO Community Calendar HERE is a central place to keep track of Lake Oswego meeting times and places. 

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