Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lake Oswego Hollyfield Village OHCS Funding: 3rd Clackamas County Related Housing News in Last Two Days.

OHCS has included an existing HUD project based Section 8 project, Hollyfield Village in Lake Oswego, in the CFC funding recommendations announced today. 

My prior post with project list from OHCS is HERE.

Unfortunately, the project listing does not include units or dollars recommended, but I note that the application for this project from NW Housing Alternatives was for a total of $5.7 million which I believe included a commitment for  $200,000 from the Clackamas County HOME program. 

I note per the OHCS Director's message that Oregon Tax Credit applications for this cycle far exceeded the amount available, so it is possible the project did not receive the full requested funding in the OHCS recommendation.  

I will update this post once I know more about total funding approved for this project. 

Final award determinations will occur at a July 13th Oregon Housing Council meeting.

This Clackamas County housing funding announcement follows two other posts in the last two days highlighting Clackamas County related housing news:
  1. A multi PHA jurisdiction  workforce development program that includes the Housing Authority of Clackamas County and 
  2. A HACC housing voucher mobility pilot project with Home Forward in Multnomah County, that includes a boost in voucher payment standards for Lake Oswego and West Linn. 

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