Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oregon Cities Who May Lose Zero Down RDA Home Loan Option Had $250 Million in FHA Loans in CY 2011.

Oregonian story HERE lists a number of Oregon cities who may lose the option for zero down RDA loans because they are no longer classified as "rural".

Story says that FHA loans are not "as active" in these areas.  I did some digging and published HERE and embedded below is a Excel table that shows that 1,338 residents in these cities received a total of $250 million in FHA insured loans.

While the Oregonian story did not break out loan totals in these cities, the statewide RD total for these loans for "last year" is given as $424 million.  (RD web page HERE and annual report HERE shows a lower $354 million FISCAL year STATEWIDE total, with total loans of 2,263).

50/50 Split of RD/FHA Loans in CY 2011 in These Communities?
If CY 2011 RD loans were 20% higher than FY 2011, this would mean total RD loans of about 2,715. If half of those loans (1,357) were in the communities who may lose access to zero down RD home loan financing, the split between FHA and RD loans for CY 2011 would have been 50/50 in those communities. The data suggests to me that lenders using FHA loan products were "active" in these communities, especially given the absence of a FHA zero down loan product to offer. (Note that FHA counts do not include HECM loans).

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