Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oregon Drew Down $48 M in Hardest Hit Funds in CY 2012.

The Excel worksheet HERE and embedded below shows state draw downs of Hardest Hit Funds in CY 2012.   

Some observations: 
  1. States drew down a little more than $1 billion in CY 2012, but total drawn downs were still only 23.2% of the total amount available ("obligated"). 
  2. Oregon's end of CY 2012 48.9% drawn down rate was the second best in the country, trailing only Rhode Island. 
  3. During CY 2012 Oregon drew down $48 million in Hardest Hit Funds.
  4. The SIGTARP reports show no change in draw downs for Indiana and Georgia during CY 2012; not sure what is up with that reporting.
  5. California has drawn down only 23.7% of their available Hardest Hit funds, and Florida only 11%.
4th Quarter detail on Oregon's Hardest Hit program is not yet posted on their reporting website HERE

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog. 

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