Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home Forward Looking at Sequestration Cut Options; Community Outreach Planned.

I attended partner meeting on Tuesday at Home Forward to discuss options to cope with reduced funding from HUD because of the sequestration. 

HF is looking at a wide range of options to prevent any existing housing voucher holder from involuntarily losing their voucher because of sequestration. 

On their new sequestration webpage HERE Home Forward  has posted yesterday's presentation HERE:
  • Pg 13 has some of options for proposed reductions.
  • Pg. 14 has possible impacts of some options at the tenant level.
  • Pg 15 has planned community outreach schedule

In response to question I raised I understand the HF will not be re-leasing tenant based housing choice vouchers as they are turned back from tenants leaving the program. 

Looking at historical Dashboard reports from HF my estimate is that there could be 300-400 HF fewer tenant based vouchers in use by the end of CY 2013 (assumes 40-50 lease ups a month x 8 months, May-Dec). Actual number may vary depending when policy starts and actual turns in every month. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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