Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Examples of Goodies from HUD Congressional Budget Justification Documents.

Every year HUD posts detailed congressional justifications by program. FY 2014 justifications are HERE.

From the Public Housing Tenant Based Rental Assistance FY 2014 congressional justification document HERE, some examples of the goodies that can be discovered for those willing to comb through the CJ details: 

HUD says 
  1. That 107 PHA's have opted out of the voucher program since 2009 because of funding problems, including 13 opting out so far this FY;  6 PHA's have declined VASH vouchers because of funding problems.
  2. It anticipates saving $235 million annually via proposed changes to income targeting , the increase in the medical expense exclusion threshold from 3 to 10 percent, and a change in how utility allowances are determined in the case of families who rent units that are larger than the bedroom size of the voucher for which they qualify under the PHA subsidy standards.
  3. It wants to eliminate the annual PHA plan requirement
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