Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Need Feedback on My Estimate: LIHTC Proposal in President's Budget Could Increase Oregon LIHTC by 18+%.

The 2014 proposed budget has a number of LIHTC proposals; search "LIHTC" in THIS budget document posted on the Novogradac web site for details. 

One of proposals is to allow states to cash in some of their volume cap to use for additional LIHTC with a ceiling of 7% of cap that can be transferred for LIHTC use.

Using my understanding of the formula in the budget document I project that Oregon could gain another $1.654 million in LIHTC by cashing in $25.93 million in volume cap.  (This seems highly doable as little of the cap is now being used). 

This would amount to up to an 18.7% boost in LIHTC for Oregon, using a projected current LIHTC allocation of $8.83 million.

My calculations are pasted in as image below; would VERY much appreciate any feedback OR correction of my assumptions: 

Originally created or posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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