Sunday, May 5, 2013

ALL Oregon Housing/Transportation Affordability Data for 1,400+Block Groups, Places, Metro Cities, Counties, and CBSA's.

I expanded my earlier post that provided an Excel file with Oregon and PDX Metro city place level data that I had downloaded from the new HUD/DOT/EPA location (housing and transportation) affordability portal.

The new Excel workbook HERE, and embedded below, starts with the same graph of HT costs for 50% HUD MFI households for Portland metro cities and includes the same Metro cities and all Oregon place level HT data worksheets in the earlier post. 

I have added  these worksheets:
  1. A table of contents, that includes a listing of worksheet and an explanation of additional data fields found in the CBSA and Block Group level worksheets. This TOC worksheet also includes a link to the HT data dictionary.
  2. A worksheet with all Oregon county level HT affordability data.
  3. A worksheet with all Oregon CBSA level HT affordability data.
  4. A worksheet with all HT affordability data for 1400+ Oregon census block groups.

All of the data worksheets include column headers I created using coded values in the downloaded data.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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