Monday, July 15, 2013

Picture of HUD Subsidized Households in Oregon , 2012.

I have combined all 2012 Oregon data from newly released HUD Picture of Subsidized Households into a single Excel workbook HERE. (Data I extracted is supposed to use 2010 Census geographies, but I have not verified).

Read the code book HERE to fully understand the values in the data fields, and data limitations. 

Data available at the State, Metro, PHA, County, Place,  Census Tract AND project level. Demographic breakouts are available for vouchers, public housing, and project based households.  Unit counts only available for LIHTC assisted households.

HIGHLY, HIGHLY Recommended.

Some quick OREGON 2012 demographic highlights: 
  1. Households headed by women make up 72% of all HUD subsidized households; 32% of HUD subsidized households are headed by women with children.
  2. Disabled households make up 45% of all HUD subsidized households. 
  3. The elderly make up 29% of all HUD subsidized households. 
  4. Minorities make up 24% of all HUD subsidized households.
  5. HUD estimates there were 52,000+ HUD subsidized households in Oregon in 2012, including 33,720 housing choice vouchers.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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