Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two New HUD MF Notices: Homeless Preference and Baltimore AI Demo.

HUD Housing Notices can be found HERE

Thanks to tip from Rob Prasch at Preserve Oregon Housing  there is a new Notice that clarifies that, subject to HUD field office approval, project based Section 8 owners have the option of developing preferences for the homeless. 

In looking at notices, also saw a new Notice that discusses the commencement of a demonstration AI in the Baltimore metro area. From the notice:
HUD proposed to offer incentives for owners and developers who agree to set aside a percentage of newly constructed or rehabilitated two- or three-bedroom units in general occupancy properties for families holding Housing Choice Vouchers, either under a project-based voucher contract or offered at rents less than or equal to the Fair Market Rent (FMR) for the Baltimore SMSA. HUD believes that the proposed incentives will encourage the construction of more affordable housing for voucher holders in areas with good schools, safe neighborhoods, and sustainable employment opportunities, and will contribute to reducing racial segregation

Both Notices are worth a read. 

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