Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vermont HFA First to Publish LIHTC Tenant Demographic Profile.

I was very pleased to discover (thanks to an Apartment Finance Today article HERE) that the Vermont housing finance agency has posted what appears to be the first ever statewide HFA published summary of LIHTC tenant demographics in a one pager HERE

Kudos to the Vermont HFA for being the first HFA (to my knowledge) to publish this data.

Some highlights:

  • 6% of Vermont's total renter population lived in LIHTC units.
  • 40% of LIHTC renter heads of households were 62 or older.
  • 50% of LIHTC households had incomes below 30% of MFI.
  • 61% of LIHTC residents received housing subsidies.
  • 11% of LIHTC residents were non whites vs 7% of statewide renters. 
  • 12% of LIHTC residents were full time students (includes both adults and children).
One omission I noted in the Vermont profile is data on female headed households.

My prior post HERE explains that states have been reporting this information to HUD for years as a mandatory statutory requirement but that HUD has not been publishing that data. 

My  written comments HERE on the HUD affirmatively furthering fair housing proposed reg point out the omission of this LIHTC tenant demographic data from the listing of data sources from HUD.

The Vermont HFA has demonstrated statewide LIHTC profiles are possible, and since statewide profiles are built using project level data,  similar profiles are possible down to the project and local levels.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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