Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update: Excel Renter Cost Burden Lookup by Income: State of Oregon, All Oregon Counties and Places.

Update: I added cost burden data for the State of Oregon in this workbook.  I also changed the default geographies displayed in first worksheet to include the state of Oregon and the ACS data link in the second workbook.
I have put together an Excel workbook HERE and embedded below that includes a worksheet that 
  • Allows you to select up to four places or counties (or state of Oregon) to see key renter cost burden data side by side, focused on those with incomes BELOW and above $50,000.[Default is set to State of Oregon, cities of Portland and Gresham, and Multnomah county.
  • Includes counts of households as well as the ratio of cost burdened renter households below $50,000 income compared to renter households with incomes above $50,000.
  • Includes (to the right) graphs that illustrate the share of all cost burdened renter households grouped by incomes BELOW and above $50,000 for the cities and counties selected. 
A second worksheet in the workbook includes ALL cost burden data with additional income groupings along with home owner cost burdens; a link to the ACS 2008-2012 data source is included. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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