Sunday, March 16, 2014

83% of 3 County PDX Job Vacancies in 2013 Paid LESS than 60% of MFI IF Full Time.

Oregon job vacancy information for 2013 is available HERE

I extracted data for 3 county Portland Metro area into an Excel workbook HERE and embedded below, including comparisons to the 2013 HUD Median Family Income for the Portland metro area.  (Workbook also includes long term detailed projections of job vacancies from a prior post HERE). 

2013 Job Vacancy Notes: 
  1. Only 69% of all job vacancies were full time. 
  2. 83% of job vacancies would pay LESS than 60% of MFI if they were full time jobs. 
  3. The average full time equivalent wage for all vacancies was 51% of MFI. 
  4. The average full time equivalent wage for the manufacturing industry was at 54% of MFI.
  5. The industry with the highest share of all openings (18%) was leisure and hospitality, with an average full time equivalent wage at 33% of MFI.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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  1. Terrific data, but is there any way to get the historical context? Seems that lower-paid positions are likely to have higher turnover, so I assume the median job vacancy will always pay less than the MFI.