Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oregon Federal EITC and Child Care Credit Data, Tax Year 2011: $1.1 BILLION in Tax Credits to Families with Children.

I have compiled an Excel workbook HERE and embedded below that provides detailed Oregon information about the use of federal earned income and child care tax credits during tax year 2011. 

Worksheets for Oregon are found at state, county, place, and zip code levels using data downloaded from the Brookings EITC interactive website HERE;  an explanation of the data and a data dictionary from Broookings can be found HERE

I have also added an ACS zip code level families with children less than 18 poverty column to the zip code level worksheet.This will allow others to further analyze EITC and child tax credit use in high family poverty zip codes. 

Some observations: 
  1. EITC filers received $540 million in earned income tax credits and another $239 million in child care tax credits for a total of $779 million in tax credits.
  2. All tax filers received $572 million in child care tax credits; This means that NON EITC filers received $333 million in federal child care tax credits in Oregon-that's  58% of the total in child care tax credits. 
  3. Combined the federal EITC and child care tax credits for tax year 2011 in Oregon totalled $1.12 Billion. 
  4. Poverty stats do NOT take into account the value of these tax credits. 
  5. I added a column in the far right that shows a total of EITC and Child Care for each geo area; I notice that totals for all Oregon places do not reach the $1.1 billion total--I am guessing because there are non place geos that receive the EITC and child care credit (eager to hear a different take on why there is a difference). 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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