Thursday, May 8, 2014

CBPP Has Mothers Day Reminder of Importance of HUD Vouchers to Women; Estimates 16K Oregon Mothers Benefit Out of 42k Eligible.

I love the timing of this release, A Million Things That Housing Vouchers Are Doing for Mothers on Their DayHERE.

Their data estimate is that 16,168 Oregon mothers use housing vouchers out of total eligible universe of  42,427 mothers. (38%).  Mothers would represent 1/2 of the 32k voucher holders in Oregon, using prior CBBP voucher state estimates.

Readers may recall my prior August 2012 post on the topic of women heads of household, HERE. (I estimated higher percentages of voucher holders for women heads of household and will try to connect with CBPP to find out why their percentages differ). I SUSPECT it is because this CPBB release focuses on "mothers" and NOT all "women heads of households". 

For now, I'm just pleased that someone nationally is finally focused on how HUD assisted programs benefit women.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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