Monday, May 5, 2014

Update: Fun Itunes Gift Card Contest: Find Home/Condo Immediately Adjacent to HUD Assisted Housing with Sales/Listing Price Higher than Current LO Winner @$598K.

Update: I neglected to say, send any candidates to me at
I took a walk in Lake Oswego today past Hollyfield Village, a remodeled 1980's vintage HUD Section 8 project in Lake Oswego.

I noticed that there was a property listing for an adjacent single family home and found that this property has been recently listed at $598,950  (Zillow details HERE; Redfin HERE says that offer has been accepted on this property--I will do an update if I find that the accepted price is significantly different than listing price).

Itunes Card for Highest Documented Sales/Listing Price for Property Adjacent to HUD Assisted Project; Nominations no later than May 31st.
So...the contest is to come up with any other OREGON HUD assisted project where an IMMEDIATELY adjacent single family or single unit condo has a sold or listing value higher than $598,950. (No "one block away" submissions please; property has to be immediately adjacent and price has to be for single unit). "HUD assisted" includes project based Section 8, Section 811 or 202, Public Housing, or Mod Rehab.  (Future contest perhaps for LIHTC)? 

I will run the contest through May, with an ITUNES gift card to the winner.   (Similar prize for one out of state winner, but only if nominee has value $1+million).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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