Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Corrected Final: Oregon SF Bond Program: Maxium Purchase Prices, Metro Areas Down, Rural Areas Up.

Thanks much to Kim Freeman at OHCS: she caught two errors in the Excel file for target area price limits for Jackson and Multnomah counties. Those have now been corrected in the Excel file. IF you downloaded earlier version, discard and use the new one. My apologies for the error
In my post on Tuesday HERE I indicated that Metro SF Oregon Bond purchase limits would be declining, and limits for rural areas would be increasing.  

OHCS has now posted the revised limits on their lender resources page HERE and I am pleased to say my calculations in the draft were accurate; not so pleased that Metro limits are declining with both Jackson and Deschutes declining by more than $100,000. 

As I said I would in my post I have cleaned  up the table and am publishing it in Excel HERE and embedded below. 

Note: In the OHCS listing I count 13 counties where the entire county is a targeted area. For those counties simply use the next to the far right column as the purchase price limit for any place in the county; if text is red in that column that means the target 2014 area limit is lower than the 2013 target area limit.  OHCS listing also shows 6 counties with no targeted areas. 

(My prior May 11th post about the publication of IRS data used to make those determinations is HERE; my later May post HERE has information about the drop off in Oregon Bond loan originations in recent years).

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