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IRS Form 990's from Oregon Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation, 2010-2012.

Oregon's $220 Million Hardest Hit fund is administered by a public corporation headed by OHCS staff, the Oregon Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation.  A long time ago I posted their articles of corporation and their bylaws

It occurred to me that I hadn't found or posted their annual IRS 990's and I went to Guidestar and was able to download and compile their 990's for 2010, 2011, 2012 into a single document HERE. (Their 2013 990 is scheduled to be sent to IRS by mid August). 

Listing of Top 5 Contractors Annually Paid More than $100,000 a Year is Led by OHCS With Nearly $9.5 Million ; Non Profits Led List of Others with Those Larger Contracts .
990's have lots of financial and organizational details. 

A sample is gleaned from the section of the form (Part VII, Section B) where contractors receiving more than $100,000 in compensation are listed.  

In three years the 990's show that Oregon Housing and Community Services was paid nearly $9.5 million, and the number of contractors paid more than $100,000 was 13 in 2012, 16 in 2011, and 19 in 2010.

Non profits were 3 of the 4 next  highest paid contractors after OHCS in 2012 and 2011 and 4 of the next highest paid in 2010.

The 990's for these three years show $93.5 million in  revenue. So IF total eventual Oregon HH revenue is expected to be $220 million, the 990's for these 3 years include revenue that represents only 43% of that $220 million.

Payments by the non profit to OHCS represent 10.2% of the total non profit revenue for these three years.

Other Report Resources
The web page HERE has board meeting minutes; the last posted minutes are from November 2013; minutes from a Feb. 2014 meeting are not yet approved by Board and are therefore not yet posted.

Reports from the Oregon Homeowner Stabilization Initiative, including links to auditor reports, are HERE

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