Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Updated: Seattle Incentive Zoning Unit Production: Total of 714 Units Since 2001.

Update: I added a pic of table from OTAK report showing renter cost burden percentages in all the benchmarked cities; Portland had second highest cost burden percentage

The City of Seattle has been studying workforce housing and the materials collected to date may be instructive for similar efforts underway in Portland.  

A reader yesterday called my attention to a February 2014 Cornerstone Partnership report that summarized use of incentive zoning in Seattle; that report is HERE

The report succinctly summarizes and provides details about the use of $29.3 million in incentive zoning funding since 2001. In summary:
The program has created 714 affordable units since 2001 (56 onsite production units, 42 home ownership units, and cash in lieu payments equivalent to 616 rental units).

(An OTAK report on the same City of Seattle workforce housing web site benchmarks and summarizes best practices in other jurisdictions, including Portland; it includes a chart showing cost burdened rental households by city): 

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