Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oregon Private Activity Bonds: Less than 5% of Capacity Used in Last 3 Years, $590 Million in Prior Year Cap Abandoned.

Interesting state map of recent private activity bond activity HERE. [Pic of Oregon table pasted at bottom of this post]

The map confirms what I said in prior post on City of Portland Mortgage Credit Certificates that "there is plenty of current state controlled bond cap to accommodate additional MCC allocations".

Oregon Mortgage Credit Certificate bond allocations totaled only $20 million over three years, with the last allocation occurring in 2010. NOTE: Check of Washington state map shows allocations of $440 million for MCC's over last 3 years, and $200 million in 2013 alone. 

Table shows that total Oregon PAB capacity for those 2011-2013 years was $4.02 billion, but total PAB issuance was only $191 million , or 4.8%.

$1.03 billion in unused cap was carried over from 2013, and $2.52 billion over those three years. 

In 2013, $217 million in prior year cap was abandoned and a total of $590 million in carried over cap was abandoned in the three years. 

In 2013 there was $307 million in new cap available and $1.1 billion in new cap over those three years.

SF Mortgage Revenue Bonds were allocated $20 million in cap in 2013 and $127 million over the three years.

Multifamily Housing bond allocations were $40 million over 3 years, and only $8.4 million in 2013. 

In total housing uses were $186.8 million over the three years, or 4.6% of the total capacity. The $28.4 million allocated in 2013 for housing uses was only 2% of the total capacity for that year.
Oregon Private Activity Bond Cap

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