Monday, July 7, 2014

Picture of HUD Subsidized Housing 2013: 100,000 Renters Helped in Oregon.

Thanks to NLIHC tip on publication I downloaded new data from HUD HERE and put together an Excel workbook HERE , and embedded below, which contains all data available for Oregon, including these geographic levels: 
  • State
  • CBSA
  • PHA
  • County
  • Place
  • Census Tract
  • Project 

The data dictionary for this data is HERE.

Lots of interesting information. Some items that jumped out at me from Oregon state summary: 
  1. HUD units total 50,844, population in those units was 102,231. There were 31,685 additional LIHTC units, population count in those units was unknown but seems likely that assisted population would exceed 150,000 if population in those units were known. 
  2. 72% of HUD assisted housing units were headed by woman; 31% were headed by woman with children. 
  3. 24% of units were occupied by minorities.
  4. 25% of units were occupied by people with disabilities. 
  5. 30% of population was 62 and older.
  6. Average subsidy per month was $515, average tenant rent was $305.
  7. Average wait time was 26 months.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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