Friday, August 8, 2014

VASH State Utilization Rates, March 2014: Oregon Ranked 38th, Below National Average: More Resources May Further Stretch Capacity.

I mashed the VASH voucher allocation data through 2013 with the HUD VMS data for March 2014 and prepared the PDF table HERE and embedded below that shows the ranked utilization rate of VASH vouchers by state as of that date.

The data shows that Oregon, at 78%, ranks 38th, below the national average of 81%.  A June 2012 GAO report HERE had put the national and state utilization goals for VASH at 88%. (PDF page 23).

There may be a variety of reasons why utilization rates vary and are less than optimum; vouchers out for lease up aren't included and it's fair to note that there were additional 1.120 VASH vouchers allocated as recently as August of 2013. 

Additional Resources Also Coming, Likely Stretching Capacity.
Nonetheless, the March data shows that there were 11,254 VASH vouchers not then in use; this is before the August 2014 announcement of an additional 956 vouchers, and before a expected announcement later this year of another 10.000 VASH vouchers. 

It appears to me that housing authorities and VA are going to be stretched to the limit to fully utilize these resources on a timely and carefully targeted basis. (And as a Vietnam Vet, I'm hopeful they are allowed to get the job done without cutting corners to make an artificial numerical goal or timetable).

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