Monday, November 17, 2014

Use of HUD Assistance Programs by Race, Ethnicity and Gender; New Side by Side Comparisons in Excel.

Thanks to a news item from NLIHC HERE I took a look at the latest annual HUD fair housing report to Congress covering years 2012 and 2013. 

From several tables in that report I extracted data and combined data showing usuage of HUD programs by race and ethnicity into an Excel workbook HERE and embedded below. 

Some observations: 
  1. The highest white usage of HUD programs was for the FHA home purchase program (64.2%); the lowest was in the HOPWA formula grant program (35%). 
  2. The highest African American use of HUD programs was in the HOPWA formula grant program at 55 %; the lowest usage was 9.3% for the FHA home purchase program. 
  3. The highest Hispanic use of HUD programs was in the Mod Rehab program at 26.5 %; the lowest Hispanic usage was 5.7% for the Section 811 PRAC program. [Interestingly, the use of the FHA home purchase program by Hispanics (16.8%) was higher than their use of the voucher program (15.4%) or the project based Section 8 program (14.9%).
  4. The HUD program with the greatest use by female heads of household was the voucher program at 80.9%; the lowest was 27.1% for the FHA home purchase program. [The average female heads of household participation for the 3 largest HUD rental programs was 75%+]. 
In addition to the summary worksheet I extracted data for individual programs with more details; these worksheets are all part of the same Excel workbook. Counts in these worksheets are based on heads of household data. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog. 

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