Monday, July 6, 2015

City of Portland Renter Cost Burden Update: Renters Below 50% of Income Are 93% of All Renters With Severe Cost Burdens.

HUD CHAS data including cost burden data has been updated to 2008-2012; see the HUD web page HERE.

I used the data query tool to extract updated 2008-2012 data for the City of Portland and compare it to 2007-2011 data.  Some observations:
1. For 2008-2012 :
    • The 52,100 renter HH's below 50% of median family income represent 45% of all 114,770 renter HH's in Portland. 
    • However, 28,810 of these below 50% MFI renters HH's have severe rent burdens [more than 50% of income for rent]; they represent 93% of all 31,090 renter HH's with severe cost burdens.
    • Among the 39,000+ renter HH's with incomes above 80% MFI, there were only 265 renter HH's with a severe cost burden. [Editorial comment: Severe cost burdens do NOT appear to be a significant issue for renter HH's at "workforce housing" and above income levels].
2. Comparing 2008-2012 to 2007-2011:
    • The number of renter HH's below 50% of median family income with severe cost burdens increased by 1,015 households.  
    • The number of renter HH's ABOVE 50% of median family income with severe cost burdens decreased by 355 households.
The Excel workbook HERE and embedded below  has worksheets with the 2007-2011 and 2008-2012 data cost burden data (including homeowners) and a worksheet with renter cost burden comparison between the two time periods.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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