Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Westmoreland's Union Manor Example: Multnomah/Portland Doesn't Need to Wait for $15 Living Wage-Davis Bacon Provides It.

The recently announced closing of a financing that will rehab Westmoreland's Union Manor in SE Portland reminded me that the federal Davis Bacon law requires prevailing wage levels that likely exceeded the highly discussed $15 an hour minimum wage.

So I did some checking...

In looking at the "building" Davis Bacon wage [including 5+ stories residential construction]  for Multnomah County I don't see ANY job classification with a wage below $15 an hour. [Note, with density increasing it would appear likely that an increasing percentage of multifamily in Portland may be in this 5+ story category].

For the residential DB rate (up to 4 stories), I only see ONE classification below $15, roofers at $12. 

A recent Portland Tribune opinion piece suggested that linking affordable housing to local jobs is a winning combination.  Insuring those jobs are at living wages appears to me to further increase the likelihood of public support.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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