Monday, October 12, 2015

HUD Oregon 2nd Qtr 2015 Detailed Housing Voucher Data; For First Time Vouchers in Use On Track to Exceed 35k.

Update: Changed headline to properly read "2nd Qtr"
I have downloaded and extracted Oregon data from the national HUD VMS Excel database. That Oregon data is HERE and embedded below; it includes data for the months of April to June 1015 as well as a pivot table of that data. 

The file opens to a pivot table for June 2015 showing vouchers in use, vouchers out for lease up, and housing assistance payment [HAP] costs. You will have to scroll right to see all columns in the pivot table.

June 2015 Observations: 
  1. There were 33,007 vouchers in use, with another 2,679 issued but not yet used (aka "on the street").  If all issued vouchers were in use that would increase total vouchers in use statewide in Oregon by 8.1% to 35,686. 
  2. That percentage of vouchers on the street varies widely in the state; unused vouchers on the street for Home Forward [in table as Housing Authority of Portland] was only 3.8%, while in Lane County the lease up of vouchers on the street would increase total vouchers in use by 27.1%
  3. HAP payments for the vouchers in use on June 2015 total $199 million annualized; the additional $16.1 million projected HAP costs for the 2,679 vouchers issued but not yet used would bring total annualized Oregon HAP costs to $215 million.  

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog. 

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