Thursday, December 3, 2015

New 5 Year ACS Data Has Expanded Cost Burden Data All the Way to the Block Group Level. At Multiple Income Levels,

The new 5 year 2010-2014 ACS data release today includes an expanded breakout of housing cost burdens, by income level. This 5 year data is available all the way to the block group level.

The prior tables stopped at cost burdens higher than 35%; The new tables include a break out of cost burden in 5% or 10% increments AND cost burdens of MORE than 50% (the HUD severe cost burden level). That data is available by income level starting at incomes below $10 and topping out with breakouts for those with incomes above $100k. 

Links to US, States, and Oregon 2010-2014 5 Year Cost Burden Tables (Hyperlinks below should include 2010-2014 5 Year data for more than 1,700 geographic levels: US, States, Oregon Congressional Districts, Oregon Counties, Oregon Metro and Micro areas, Oregon Places, Oregon Census Tracts. [Block group data is not included as it is only available by selecting individual counties].

For renters, the ACS table is B25074,
For home owners, the ACS table is B25095

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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