Thursday, January 14, 2016

Affordable Housing Social Impact Calculator: 50 Unit PDX Low Poverty Project Would Deliver $65 Million in Benefit Over 30 Years.

The Low Income Investment Fund Social Impact calculator HERE estimates $65 M in social benefit for an affordable housing project with

  • 50 2 BR family units.
  • Located in a 9% poverty rate area.
  • With a market rent [I used portland FY 2016 FMR] of $1,026 and a rent restricted rent of $496 [current PDX LIHTC 2 BR rent limit @ 30% MFI].
  • With a 30 year affordability period and a 3% social discount rate. 

If you do the math I think that works out close to $43k in social benefit per unit per year. 

[Methodology of the calculator, including but not limited to affordable housing, is explained in detail HERE]. 

Summary results are in PDF HERE and below:

Detailed results in Excel file can be found HERE

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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