Friday, April 22, 2016

Excel of the Barry Apartment Report Listing of Proposed, Under Construction, and Recently Completed PDX Apartments.

I highly recommend the Barry Apartment reports web site as it provides a wealth of data about apartment sales and construction activity in the Portland metro area. 

Their Spring 2016 Construction reports were recently published; a summary and a complete listing are available in PDF formats. (Their Spring 2016 Apartment Report is also out HERE).

I took the complete listing and was able to paste it into Excel HERE and embedded below. I added a pivot table worksheets and one column based on their Notes column to ID projects identified as subsidized or homeless or related to the Portland Housing Bureau. 

Workbook opens to a summary by phase and by city and on second page by subarea. You likely will have to scroll right or down to see all the data.

[I note some minor unit count/project count discrepancies between my Excel and source document, but have been unable to find any errors in my Excel doc to date]. 

Some observations on completed, proposed, and under construction units:

  • 70% of units are located in the City of Portland
  • 28% of the units are located in the near Westside of Portland
  • There are 566 total units shown as subsidized.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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