Monday, February 13, 2017

Updated: All Data from New HUD Picture of Subsidized Housing Report Consolidated in Two Excel Files.

Update: I added a US Total worksheet and pivot table to the 1st file. 
Last Friday HUD released the 2016 version of the HUD Picture of Subsidized Households

There are multiple geographies that can be chosen to display this data; HUD has a useful tool to allow you to drill down to specific programs and geography HERE.  

I went in a different direction and downloaded and combined these geographies and added and created two (large) Excel files in MS One Drive that allow a user to view 7 8 different geographies from within two files (and also project level data in the second file). 
  • The first Excel file HERE (38MB) contains US, state, congressional district, CBSA, PHA, county, and place level work sheets and pivot tables for each. Pivot tables are set by default to Oregon, when the state field is available. This is easily changed to allow selection of another state or to show data for multiple states.
  • The second Excel file HERE (74MB) contains two worksheets for Census Tract level files and a worksheet for project level data. The file is large enough that Pivot tables are somewhat impractical, instead you can filter the data to drill down to the levels and data of interest. The default filter is set to display Oregon data. 
The image below shows the field listing for the data available in these files. The data dictionary is available from HUD HERE.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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