Monday, August 14, 2017

My estimate: SNAP households lost $1.5 Billion in SNAP Benefits Because of Reductions in Excess Shelter Deductions from 2014-2015.

Last year HERE I estimated that SNAP households in 2014 received a total $22.9 BILLION in additional SNAP benefits because the deduction of excess housing expenses [more than 50% of income] from income allowed higher SNAP benefits.  

The table below updates that data to 2015:

In 2015 the number of SNAP households with excess housing deductions decreased from 16.1 million to 15.06 million, a decrease of 1.1 million households. 

NOTE: The total number of SNAP households decreased by only 152,000 households from 2014-2015 ( from 22.445 million in 2014 to to 22.293 million in 2015 ; this is substantially LESS than the 1.1 million reduction in SNAP households with excess housing expense deductions. In 2014 the % of SNAP households with the excess shelter deduction was 72%, that dropped to 67.5% in 2015.

The average SNAP excess shelter expense deduction in 2015 increased very slightly from $393-$394 per month. 

Using the same prior assumption that 30% of the excess housing deduction = additional SNAP benefits this would mean that the net increase in SNAP benefits because of the excess shelter deduction declined from $22.9 BILLION in 2014 to $21.3 BILLION in 2015, a reduction of 7% /$1.5 BILLION.

Even with the reduction the net increase in SNAP benefits from the excess shelter deduction was $19.1 BILLION higher in 2015 vs 2000.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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