Thursday, May 17, 2018

UPDATE: Renter Cost Burden Data for 86 Nominated Oregon Opportunity Zone Census Tracts.


I noticed last week that Oregon Business has inadvertently included one extra census tract in their listing of Opportunity Zones (96.06 in Multnomah County). After I notified State legislative staff over the weekend that census tract was removed on Monday and I have removed it from the Excel file below (and changed count of CT's from 87 to the correct count of 86).

Oregon recently nominated 86 census tracts to be designated as federal Opportunity Zones. Oregon has created a map showing those census tracts HERE.  The Oregon web page with more on Opportunity Zones is HERE

I looked at the data for census tracts eligible for nomination and I noticed there was little renter information, including renter cost burden data. 

So I cross referenced the listed census tracts with ACS 5 Year 2016 renter cost burden data and created the Excel file HERE, and embedded below, showing the renter cost burden and SEVERE cost burden counts and %'s for each of those tracts. (ACS table is B25070). 

This data may be useful in identifying areas where additional equity investments in affordable housing development and preservation could have the greatest positive cost impacts for renters. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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