Monday, June 25, 2018

New Excel of 3M+ Units in HUD National LIHTC Database, Oregon Pivot- Portland has 41% of All Units in Oregon LIHTC Projects.

HUD updated its national LIHTC database in June with updates for projects placed in service through 2016; it can be accessed via a query tool and downloads, in DBASE and MS Access formats, HERE

To make it more accessible to all, I extracted the MS Access data to MS Excel and posted the large Excel file (31MB) HERE for download. 

The file includes  a pivot table of the national data and a pivot table of Oregon data; the national pivot table shows state total units, and the Oregon pivot table shows total units by city/place. 

Using the pivot table for Oregon you can explore a wide range of data; one example:
  • Portland has 41% [16,200] of all units [39,849) in Oregon LIHTC projects. 
A HUD data dictionary is HERE. (The first worksheet in the Excel file I created has a column displaying the more than 80 data fields in the HUD data dictionary).

There are a total of 46,000+ projects and 3 million+ units in the national database; Oregon has a total of 698 projects and 39,849 units in the database. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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