Wednesday, February 27, 2019

HUD 2018 Picture of Subsidized Household Data is Out: My New Excel Workbook Has Oregon Geographic Breakouts, from Project Level to Statewide Totals.

The last time I did a comprehensive Excel post of HUD subsidized household data in Oregon was in 2017; my prior post HERE focuses on 2016 data. 

HUD has just posted a 2018 update and it shows that the count of HUD subsidized housing units is up to 52,887 in Oregon, including 36,680 housing vouchers.  

Oregon ranks 2nd in the country among states in the share of all HUD rental assistance in the form of vouchers (69% of the total HUD assisted rental units in Oregon are vouchers vs. 50% nationally).   

I have embedded below, and posted a single Excel file HERE, with multiple worksheets and pivot tables for all of these OREGON geographies (Pivot tables are highlighted with red tabs). 
  • State and US Totals: 5 million+ Units. (And a summary sheet showing state rank by voucher share of all HUD rental assistance). 
  • Congressional Districts.
  • Metro and Micro Areas.
  • PHA's.
  • Counties (And a summary sheet showing units by counties). 
  • Places.
  • Zip Codes (I added additional fields for city, county, and city/rural/frontier designations).
  • Census Tracts.
  • Projects.
The workbook opening view is a Pivot Table showing HUD units by program for all states, territories, and the US. 

At the beginning of the workbook I have also included a worksheet with a list of sample data fields; there is a wealth of data on tenant incomes, demographics, bedroom counts, and rents in these worksheets, made easier to explore with the Pivot Tables. 

A complete 2018 HUD data dictionary is HERE.

One cautionary note is that some values are missing, suppressed or not reported.Values coded with a minus value indicate these missing, suppressed, or not reporting values--see the HUD data dictionary for details.  

These minus coded values likely occur most frequently at smaller geographies and could impact Pivot Table summary values. I suggest you always do a reality check on Pivot Table summaries to insure that minus coded values are not impacting your results. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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