Monday, March 25, 2019

Housing Production 2018: 37 Oregon Cities Produced 13,385 Units, But Only 3.4%/443 Were Missing Middle Housing.

I have previously posted HERE data on SF, MF, Total and Regulated housing production in 45 Oregon cities with population above 10,0000 HERE

In this post I am focusing on 37 of these Oregon cities ; those cities accounted for 95% of all 2018 housing units produced in Oregon cities with population above 10,000. Note: This production data counts newly occupied units, with either a temporary or final occupancy permit, as reported by each cities.  

For these 37 cities I am adding these new unit production subtotals in a PDF file HERE, and embedded below:

  1. Missing middle housing units (duplexes, triplexes, and four plexes). 
  2. Accessory dwelling units. 
  3. Manufactured housing. 
1. Missing middle housing: 3.4% /473 of Total Housing Production of 13,385 Units
There were 473 missing middle housing units produced, 3.4 % of the total  housing production of 13,887 units in these cities. (That 473 unit missing middle production is 22% BELOW the 606 ADU's produced in these cities in 2018; see item 2 below]

Portland produced the largest number of missing middle housing units (155), 33% of the total for these 37 cities.  However this was only 2.4% of the Portland total production of 6,345 units, BELOW the average rate of 3.4% missing middle rate for these 37 cities.  

Albany's 44 missing middle unit production represented 14.3% of all the units it produced (307) in 2018; that was the highest rate of any of these 37 cities.  

2. ADU’s; 606 Units; Portland Dominates
Portland (488 units) represented 81% of all ADU production; Bend was the second highest with 52 ADU'S.  That means that only 66 ADU's were produced in all the 35 other cities included in this analysis. 

3. Manufactured housing
Manufactured housing production was reported at only 231 units.  This seems understated and may include only units treated as real property. The Census reports 1,676 manufactured homes shipped Oregon in 2018:

Lebanon and Redmond both reported the highest number of manufactured housing units produced with 19 units. Portland reported NO manufactured housing unit production. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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