Wednesday, September 9, 2020

State Unemployment Insurance Recipiency Rates, July 2020 12 Month Moving Average: Oregon at 70%, Nation at 63%.

The Department of Labor publishes annual unemployment insurance recipiency rates for states, the percentage of the unemployed who received unemployment insurance. The most recent DOL report showed that 28% of the unemployed had received regular unemployment insurance in the 12 months of CY 2019.  

I couldn't find any monthly updates, so I downloaded the relevant data and constructed the PDF HERE and embedded below. 

My calculation mirrors the DOL calculation. I divided the monthly count of continued weeks claimed by 4.333 and then calculated a 12 month moving average for each month. I divided that by 12 month moving average of the unemployed counts in each state (NOT seasonally adjusted) to arrive at a recipiency rate. 

My counts of insured did NOT include counts of those receiving extended benefit and pandemic benefit programs; if those counts were included then the recipiency rate would increase.  Also, Connecticut and Florida had not yet reported July claims data so they are excluded from the calculations and the national total. 

Observations, 12 Month Moving Average Recipiency Rate as of July 2020: 

  • In contrast to the 28% recipiency rate for CY 2019, as of July 2020 the 12 month moving average recipiency rate nationwide was 63%.
  • In Oregon the recipiency rate was even higher at 70% vs the 34% rate for CY 2019.
  • Minnesota had the highest recipiency rate at 99%; and South Dakota had the lowest at 32%

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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