Wednesday, October 7, 2020

National Housing Finance Agency Study: Oregon's Share of Renter HH Facing Eviction and Unable to Pay Rent Are Substantial, but Lower than National Averages.

The Council of State Housing Agencies recently published a report that attempts to estimate the number of renter households who are unable to pay rent and who may face eviction in January 2021. 

That study is HERE

I extracted the state level data, added counts of all renter households and some calculations, and prepared the PDF table HERE and embedded below. 

Some observations: 

  1. Using the HIGHER bound estimates in the report, Oregon is projected to have 150,000 renter households unable to pay their rent. The report projects that 90,000 renter households in Oregon will face eviction in January 2021. 
  2. On a percentage basis this would mean that 25% of Oregon's 612,227 estimated renter households are projected to be unable to pay their rent and 15% of these households are projected to face eviction in January 2021. 
  3. Those percentages of renter household are large, but they are LOWER than the national averages of 32% (can't pay rent) and 19% (facing January 2021 eviction).
  4. Oregon's state ranking on its share of renter households who can't pay the rent is 45th and 44th for its share of renter households facing eviction.  

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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