Monday, May 10, 2021

Latest MTW Expansion Includes Washington County and Brings MTW Share of ALL US Vouchers to 16% and 10% of All Public Housing Units.

HUD has announced the latest 10 PHA's approved as Moving to Work agencies, bringing the MTW total to 80 PHA's. The latest limited scope MTW approvals test various rent variations as explained in the HUD PR HERE.  The HUD MTW landing page is HERE.

The Housing Authority of Washington County [HAWC] was one of the agencies approved for MTW participation; Home Forward is the only other MTW agency in Oregon. 

HAWC's approval for a tiered rent structure will extend regular income reviews to 3 years and band tenant rents by $2,500 income increments to simplify the rent setting process. The HAWC application, with many more details, is HERE

I compiled a count of public housing and HUD voucher units within the 80 MTW agencies and put together a summary by HUD region in a PDF file HERE and embedded below. [The unit count data source was the 2020 HUD picture of subsidized housing data found HERE].


  • Region 10 [which includes Oregon and Washington] has the highest regional percentage of both public housing (57.2%) and voucher units (46.7%) in MTW agencies. 
  • In contrast Region 2 (think NYC), with 223,167 public housing units has only 394 of those units in MTW agencies
  • There are now 98,525 public housing units in MTW agencies and 425,079 voucher units. 
  • The latest 10 MTW agencies just added have a total of 59,556 units; 11,325 public housing units and 48,231 voucher units. 
  • The two MTW 2021 expansions this year to date have added a total of 75,596 units; 15,875 public housing units and 59,721 voucher units 
  • I count a total of 2,861 public housing agencies. The 80 MTW agencies are only 3.7% of total agencies, but have a substantially higher 10.3% of all public housing units and 16.2% of all voucher units.


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