Maps, Tools, and Links

Links on this page will include SHAPEFILE boundary maps and topical maps created in Google Fusion; you will need a Google account to access these files (except for maps posted within my blog posts). 

Boundary Maps Created in Google Fusion (Most are Census 2010 Boundaries).
  1. US, All State Boundary Map, 2010
  2. US, All Metro and Micro Area Boundary Map, 2010
  3. US, All Counties Boundary Map, 2010
  4. Oregon Boundary Map, Block Groups, 2010
  5. Oregon Boundary Map, Census Tracts, 2010
  6. Oregon Boundary Map, Zip Codes, 2010
  7. Oregon Boundary Map, Places, 2010
  8. Oregon Boundary  Map, Counties, 2010
  9. NEW: Oregon Boundary Map, Oregon Senate Districts2016
  10. NEW: Oregon Boundary Map, Oregon House Districts2016
Merged Topical Maps Created in Google Fusion (Ordered by Date):
  1. Test of US County Map with HUD FY 2010 2 BR Fair Market Rents, April 2011
  2. US Metro Areas, Seriously Delinquent Mortgages, as of December 2010. April 2011. (Related blog post is HERE).
  3. Oregon Census Tracts: Diversity Index values, population counts, and housing vacancy rates for all Oregon Census Tracts, April 2011 (Related blog post is HERE).
  4. Oregon Metro Areas: Comparison of Demonstration Zip Code Level Fair Market Rents with FY 2011 FMR's, April 2011. (Related blog post is HERE).
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.