Monday, April 28, 2008

FHA Outlook Reports: Data Sampler.

HUD now posts a biweekly updated report HERE showing FHA loan volume activity and detail at the national level.

Example of data from most recent report (March 16-31):
  • HUD anticipates 278,000 conventional to FHA refinanced insurance endorsements (not applications) this fiscal year, and so far 131,000+ have been endorsed.
  • Of those 278,000 conventional to FHA refinanced endorsements, HUD expects only 4,000 to be delinquent (at the stage of application?). So far 1,729 of these delinquent conventional to FHA refinance endorsements have been completed. (HUD anticipates 16,000 applications for delinquent conventional to FHA refinance loans, so only 1 in 4 applications of this kind are anticipated to result in an endorsement this fiscal year).
  • Refinancing endorsements of all types are up by 176% compared to the same period last fiscal year.
  • HUD anticipates 75,000 loss mitigation retention claims for the fiscal year and so far more than 44,000+of these claims have occurred. 5,000 loss mitigation claims where the family does not stay in the home are anticipated and to date 1,980 have occurred.
  • HUD expects 309,000 first time home purchase loans to be endorsed, with 31% going to minority first time home buyers. To date this fiscal year, 33% of the 142,000 first time home buyer endorsements have gone to minorities.

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