Monday, April 28, 2008

FHA Snap Shot Report Has Monthly Local and Loan Level FHA Endorsement Data.

Can you say "Gold Mine?"

Ran across a report new to me that contains monthly FHA endorsement activity down to the local level AND loan level detail like interest rate, mortgage amount and the source of down payment.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED report is called Single Family Portfolio Snap Shot and is found HERE.

One you have downloaded and extracted the zip file you will see a single Excel file. Go to the second worksheet in that file ("Report Generator") and you will see a Pivot table that allows you to make selections by geography, loan purpose, etc. Selecting Oregon for example results in report showing there were 623 FHA endorsed loans totalling $121 Million during the month of Feb.(report does NOT include HECM data). Further selecting loan purpose as refinance results in report that shows that $85 million (423 loans) were refinance loans.

As these reports are done monthly, if you want to see activity for a longer period you will have to extract data for each month to compile a report for a longer time period.

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