Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Quarter 08 Oregon Foreclosure Actions Up 122% Vs. Same Quarter 07.

A new report from Realty Trac includes state foreclosure rate data for the first quarter of 2008; their press release is HERE. Their data shows that the 4,202 foreclosure actions in Oregon during the first quarter are an increase of 122% compared to the same quarter a year ago and an increase of 35% over the prior quarter. (Foreclosure actions as defined by Realty Trac include defaults, properties in the foreclosure auction phase, and REO -properties where foreclosure action was completed).

The Realty Trac data ranks states using the number of foreclosure actions in the quarter divided by the number of households in the state. I have put all of the Realty Trac state data into a single 2 page PDF file HERE; it lists states in rank order--Oregon is ranked 24th. using that measure.

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