Friday, April 18, 2008

New HUD Secretary Apparent Nominee Background: 1. Former Employers Code of Conduct-"Honor God in All We Do"; 2. $18K in Political Donations Listed.

SBA Preston, the nominee apparent for HUD Secretary, formerly worked for ServiceMaster for several years, according to his SBA resume.The Code of Conduct for ServiceMaster is posted HERE. On page 4 of the document, the otherwise standard looking corporate looking code, has a section titled "Honor God in All We Do".

Campaign Donations-About $18k In Last Three Cycles.
From OpenSecrets donor database, the link HERE should take you to a listing of about $18,000 in federal donations from Preston during the 2004,2006, 2008 election cycles. (Note: The listing includes three donations that total $2,500 from other "Steve Prestons" who are not the SBA Administrator; the listing does not include donations from the SBA Administrators wife, Molly as those donations occurred during earlier election cycles).

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