Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oregon FHA Snapshot Report Updated, FHA Secure Data Now Included.

April 2008 data for the Oregon FHA Snapshot Report has been added. The updated report now shows FHA Oregon activity for the 12 months from May 2007-April 2008.

You can always find the most recent data using the permanent link to the most recent Oregon FHA Snapshot Report HERE; the link is also found in the right pane of the blog as "Oregon FHA Current Snapshot Report".

This months report has a third page added, showing FHA Secure refinance loan counts by county. FHA Secure is now interpreted as any conventional loan refinanced into an FHA loan; the data is only available from April 2008 forward.

Highlights from the last 12 months, May 2007-April 2008:
  • 5,689 total loans (excludes HECM)
  • 3,245 refinance loans.
  • 481 FHA Secure refinancing loans in April 2008. That's 79% of the total of 608 refinance loans endorsed in April 2008. Of the 481 FHA Secure loans in April only 9 were delinquent conventional to FHA refinance loans.

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