Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1st Qtr Data Added to Mortage Delinquency and Foreclosure Comparison Tool.

Last December I constructed a new Excel tool that allows the comparison of current Oregon delinquency and foreclosure data with periods going back as far as the 1970's. (A detailed explanation of the tool in a prior blog post is HERE; my prior blog post with a summary of 4th quarter 2008 data is HERE).

I have now updated the tool to include 1st quarter 2009 data; the permanent link to the most recent data is in the right pane, titled Current Oregon Foreclosure Data Tool.

That data shows that, compared to the prior quarter:
  • For all loans, foreclosure starts increased by 16% from 55 a DAY to 65 a DAY. Prime loan foreclosure starts increased by 20%; subprime by 11%.
  • All seriously delinquent loans (foreclosure inventory + 90 day delinquencies) increased by 33% from 20,331 to 26,792. Prime loan seriously delinquent loans increased by 45%; subprime by 23%.
Despite the higher increase in rate of troubled prime loans, the rate of troubled subprime loans remains FAR above the rate of troubled prime loans, as the table below shows:

Measure Subprime Rate /Prime Rate Prime Subprime
% Foreclosures Started 764% 1% 4%
% Foreclosure Inventory 782% 1% 11%
% Past Due 538% 4% 19%
% Past Due 90 Days 615% 1% 8%
% Seriously Delinquent 701% 3% 19%

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