Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HFA Hardest Hit Plans Received from Michigan and Arizona.

I am very pleased that both the Michigan and Arizona housing finance agencies have provided me with copies of the Hardest Hit housing plans they submitted to Treasury.

I have combined those plans along with the Florida plan I previously posted into a single PDF file HERE. For future reference, the same document can be found in the links section in the right pane as "Hardest Hit Plan Submissions, First Round States".

Public Thanks to Michigan and Arizona HFA's
I want to publicly acknowledge the promptness and completeness of the information provided by both Michigan and Arizona in response to my public record requests for their plans. Electronic copies were provided within days of my request at no charge.

I will try to post some highlights of what I see in the Michigan and Arizona plans as time permits.

Caveat: These are NOT the Final Plans, But Only the Plans Submitted to Treasury
There likely will be extensive conversations between the first round applicants and the Treasury. I expect substantial changes could be made in the plans submitted so please do NOT represent these plans as THE finally approved plans. (I expect the finally approved plans will eventually appear on the US Treasury website).

Plans Submitted by California and Nevada Not Yet Received.
I have public record requests outstanding for the two remaining states, California and Nevada. I am following up with both requests and will post what I receive as soon as I receive it.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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